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Platelet Rich Plasma Works to Heal Tendonitis: New Non-Surgical Treatment Horizons

Huffington Post—July 22, 2008

Almost everyone will feel the pain of tendonitis at some point in his or her life. The condition, which can affect any tendons in the body that are in routine use, is usually temporary and it is rare for treatment to involve anything more than ice and rest. However, occasionally tendonitis can become bad enough that pain and irritation persist past home treatment.

"This happens as the acute phase of tendonitis, where there is active inflammation, progresses to the chronic phase of tendonopathy, where the tendon and/or sheath are replaced with scar tissue. This can cause recalcitrant pain and decreased function," said Brian Halpern, M.D., a sports medicine specialist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. "It can seem crippling to the sufferer and when the pain and dysfunction reach that point, a high tech answer is available in suitable patients," Dr. Halpern said.

An example of these high tech treatments is"Cascade Autologous Platelet System" method. It is one of a few techniques that use platelet rich plasma (PRP) to help the body regenerate and heal. Tissue healing relies on adequate blood supply and cellular migration, which the PRP helps bring to the site of the injury.

"In patients who fail to respond to anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy, an injection of PRP may save patients a trip to the operating room," Dr. Halpern said.

Dr. Halpern is hopeful that the treatment will go into regular use soon.

"The future looks very promising as we attempt to concentrate these biologically active growth factors at the bedside to help patients in pain. Allowing the body to heal itself is not just logical...it is very effective," Dr. Halpern said.

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