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Highest radiation? Trauma and deformity surgeons!

Orthopedics This Week—August 18, 2017

Orthopedics This Week featured a study by Moira M. McCarthy, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS. The study, Tracking Cumulative Radiation Exposure in Orthopaedic Surgeons and Residents: What Dose Are We Getting, reviewed monthly radiation exposure for 24 orthopedic residents and 16 orthopedic attending surgeons.

According to the study, senior residents rotating on trauma were exposed to the highest monthly radiation compared with all other specialty rotations. Dr. McCarthy, who was a co-author on the study, explained why she became interested in this topic as a resident. "I was using radiation for various uses almost every day. Residents use radiation in the emergency room to reduce fractures several times per night and in the OR [operating room] on a daily basis to ensure appropriate fixation and reduction of fractures."

She added that she felt she was getting radiated frequently and wanted to study the overall radiation dose in different orthopedic specialties. By studying different levels of radiation by specialty, Dr. McCarthy said it helped her choose which field of medicine to pursue.

Dr. McCarthy advised that "everyone should be aware of the risks associated with their chosen job and specialty. Those specialties with higher exposure should take extra precautions to protect themselves with radiation shields for the body, thyroid, and eyes."

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