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HSS Tackles Best Approach for ACL-Deficient Knees

Orthopedics This Week—January 9, 2017

Orthopedics This Week reports on a new laboratory study from Hospital for Special Surgery that set out to compare the effect of lateral closing-wedge (LCW) and medial opening-wedge (MOW) high tibial osteotomy (HTO) on tibiofemoral and patellofemoral alignment in the ACL-deficient knee.

Lead investigator Anil S. Ranawat, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, speaks to OTW on the study and its results: "There is a renewed interest in the role of high tibial osteotomy within orthopaedic surgery. Recently, neutralization of posterior tibial slope has been associated with decreased anterior tibial translation. Thus, HTO can be considered an effective treatment for the ACL-deficient knee."

"The study findings were in line with our prior hypotheses and are not very surprising to study investigators. We knew from historic data that closing wedge tibial osteotomy was an effective treatment for the ACL-deficient knee. This study corroborated it," he added.

Read the full article at Ryortho.com.


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