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Dr. Scott Rodeo, An Olympic Hero Behind The Scenes

Openwaterswimming.com—June 21, 2012

In a Q and A with Open Water Swimming, Dr. Scott Rodeo, co-chief of the Sports Medicine Service at Hospital for Special Surgery, discussed his role as a U.S. swimming team physician in the Olympics Games. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Daily News: What is your role?
Dr. Rodeo: The overall role of the physician is to assure the health and safety of all members of the U.S. delegation. At the Olympic Games the team physician will treat both musculoskeletal injuries as well as medical illnesses. Common musculoskeletal problems include shoulder pain, low back muscle strain, and patellar (knee cap) pain. Common medical illnesses include upper respiratory tract infections, cough, sore throat, and gastroenteritis. Other issues that we address include jet lag, adjusting to new foods, dehydration, and problems with sleep. Swimming in new bodies of water with varying water quality, chemicals, and potential pollutants can lead to sinusitis and other upper respiratory symptoms. The stress of travel and international competition can also lead to transient alterations in immune function and result in some of these illnesses. The team physician’s job is to anticipate and treat all of these issues in a timely fashion.

This Q & A originally appeared at openwaterswimming.com.


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