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New Way to Keep Baseball Players in the Game: Motus’ Motion-Sensing ‘Sleeve’

PR Newswire—November 14, 2014

By the time the first pitch is thrown in the 2015 Major League Baseball season, a new wearable technology product from Motus Global will be helping players optimize their performance as well as reduce their risk of injury – including UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) issues that have plagued pitchers at every level from youth to major leagues and led to the epidemic of Tommy John surgeries. 

Motus uses its proprietary performance and injury forecasting models to evaluate each user's pitching or batting mechanics and detect changes throughout a season such as fatigue that can lead to injury.  Results are delivered through a smartphone app, along with individualized recommendations to help players improve their game.

From Games to Sports 
The vision for Motus was to apply motion analysis to identify anomalies in athletes' technique that could be used to optimize their performance on the field, detect injury risk factors, and create quantifiable assessments for return to play after rehabilitation.  The work began with the development of the Motus 3D physics engine, then proceeded with testing of individual athletes in the company's biomechanics lab on the campus of Florida's IMG Academy.

Today, that facility is among the most respected labs of its kind in the sports world. Motus' methodology has led to strong partnerships with key organizations like the American Sports Medicine Institute and New York's Hospital for Special Surgery, and clients range from Olympic track and field contenders to MLB, NFL, NBA and European soccer league players sent by their coaches and teams.  The Sleeve will change the game – literally.

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