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Q&A with Shapiro: 'Rise to the occasion and make a difference'

Modern Healthcare—July 28, 2017

In a Q&A with Modern Healthcare, HSS president and CEO Louis A. Shapiro discussed how and why HSS is leading the definition, delivery and impact of value across the spectrum of musculoskeletal health, and around the world.

Mr. Shapiro said that more than 150 years of progressive specialization and measurement have earned HSS a unique accumulation of knowledge and expertise. "HSS has a long history of having that focus and a commitment to excellence that's in the DNA of the organization." He noted this has contributed to "some of the highest patient-satisfaction rates in the country. Our net promoter score is 94%, which is unheard of."

Mr. Shapiro emphasized the importance of talent and culture: "Employees, regardless of what role they play, view it as a privilege to be part of HSS and understand the commitment that's required to make HSS able to fulfill its purpose; if you're not fulfilling that purpose, then you have no purpose." He noted that "(r)egardless of the evolution of technology—ranging from robotics to artificial intelligence—in healthcare, for the foreseeable future, technology is an enabler, but it's still people taking care of people. And the ability to recruit and retain people who are the best at what they do in all fields is a driver of success of any organization."

Mr. Shapiro said the fragmented nature of the healthcare field has compromised performance on what matters most to patients, employers and payers. "Value is a great word, but understanding what it means is even more important. It's used excessively today, but there's a clear formula for it: quality plus service over cost is sort of the baseline equation. Price is what you pay; value is what you get." He said the solution requires "having a common language and a common system of measurement" and that HSS is leading this "under the banner of the Center for the Advancement of Value of Musculoskeletal Health, which is our commitment to playing a leadership role to promulgate this in academic and innovative ways inside HSS and across the industry."

Asked how HSS is projecting higher quality globally, Mr. Shapiro described two strategies: "One is through an organizational model that we've created called HSS Global Ventures, which is intended to replicate our business model in other geographies, domestically and internationally. We're also advising others that already exist." He described the other global strategy as "innovation-in science and technology, which could be new devices in care delivery. We've had a number of startup companies and licenses that came out of HSS, either independently or in partnership with another organization."

Read the full article at modernhealthcare.com [subscription required]. This article also appeared in the July 29, 2017 print edition.


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