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David Goldberg’s Death Puts Spotlight on Risks of Treadmills

The Wall Street Journal—May 5, 2015

As The Wall Street Journal's Sara Germano reports on the dangers associated with exercising on a treadmill, Hospital for Special Surgery sports medicine physician, Jordan Metzl, MD, offers advice on the health impact of exercise versus inactivity. According to Germano's article, there are about three deaths a year and close to 25,000 injuries in the United States associated with treadmills. 

Though critical injury is unlikely, runners can run into trouble when stepping on and off with the moving treadmill belt or when letting their strides get too long, said Dr. Metzl, who also teaches treadmill-running classes.

That said, people should not be deterred from working out. While physical activity can create opportunities for accidents, the medical problems that come with the alternative are worse. "The risk of inactivity is about 100 times greater than the risks of activity," Dr. Metzl said.

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