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Assessing the Medical Risk of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Returning to the Lineup in Week 10

SB Nation - Behind the Steel Curtain—November 13, 2015

Jeff Hartman, a writer for SB Nation's Behind the Steel Curtain, reports on the risk involved with Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger returning to play this week following a mid-foot sprain last week. SB Nation spoke with Mark C. Drakos, MD, a foot and ankle surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, about Roethlisberger's injury and the process associated with returning to play this season. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Drakos' interview:

Q: Early reports are stating Ben Roethlisberger has a mid-foot sprain, also known as a Lisfranc injury. What is the most difficult part of returning to action after such an injury, specifically for a quarterback?

A: Being able to push off the ground is one of the most difficult aspects of returning to play. The Lisfranc ligament stabilizes the arch of the foot and it can be difficult to get up on your toes after this type of injury.

To read the entire article, visit www.behindthesteelcurtain.com.


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