Don't Miss a Shift This Hockey Season with Upper Body Injury Prevention

Stamford Daily Voice—March 8, 2016

Stamford Daily Voice writer John Haffey speaks with John D. MacGillivray, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, who explains the most common injuries in hockey players. Those injuries include acromioclavicular (A-C Joint) separation in the shoulder, clavicle fractures, and shoulder dislocations.

According to the article, "A-C joint separations are commonly caused by players getting checked into the boards, resulting in an injury to the ligaments that stabilize the A-C joint." Similarly, "Clavicle fractures are often caused by being checked into the boards. Treatment is based on several factors including the amount of displacement, shortening -- when the two broken bone-ends overlap -- and the number of fractures in the bone."

In addition, "Shoulder dislocations occur when the shoulder ball pops out of the socket, which usually requires a trip to the emergency room to reposition the shoulder."

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