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A Second Chance at Health

AARP Bulletin—December 21, 2015

AARP writer, Sarah Mahoney, shares the stories of individuals who were given a second chance at improving their health and wellbeing while living with chronic conditions. HSS patient Jinglan Liu is one of several individuals who shared her story about becoming more active at the age of 76 while living with osteoarthritis.

Initially, Liu let the pain from osteoarthritis keep her at home - movement in her shoulders was so limited that she was unable to carry groceries. To become more mobile, Liu joined a chair exercise program at a local community center and then started taking part in HSS' experimental program that uses yoga to improve bone health. Liu noted in the article that now, "'I can even do the bridge pose,' she says of an advanced position that boosts spine mobility."

To read Liu's story and others, visit www.aarp.org.


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