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5 reasons why you’re so hungry after a run

Well + Good—March 15, 2017

Well + Good reporter Lisa Held writes on five reasons why running may work up your appetite.

She speaks with Jason Machowsky RD, CSSD, RCEP, CSCS, who notes that calorie burn plays a role.

"Significant hunger after a long run makes sense [because] you’re burning a ton of calories and not eating for a while,” says Jason.

He recommends eating right after a run. "Try to plan a meal within a few hours of training, so you don’t finish your run feeling ravenously hungry," says Jason. If that’s not possible, he says to eat "a small snack with a little bit of protein and some carbs—yogurt and a piece of fruit—within an hour or two of training." to help fend off overeating later in the day.

Read the full article at WellandGood.com.


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