How An Olympian's Diet Differs From Our Diet

Women’s Running—August 12, 2016

Women’s Running writer Natalie Rizzo speaks with Jason Machowsky, RD, CSSD, RECEP, CSCS, a sports dietitian at Hospital for Special Surgery, as he explains how an Olympian’s diet differs from a non-elite athlete diet.

According to the article, "Every Olympian differs in size, gender, running distance and training intensity, which results in differing calorie needs." Jason also mentions that "a 140-pound female Olympic runner could eat 3,000-4,000 calories per day while training. Some marathoners may even need up to 8,000 calories per day!"

To increase your calorie intake, Jason suggests, "nutritious high calorie foods including: fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, nut butters, granola, cheese, dried fruit, full fat dairy and whole grains/rice/pasta."

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