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Workouts Gone Wrong: Ways to Injury-Proof Your Sweat Sessions

Pushing yourself too hard, overtraining, bad form -- these common exercise mistakes can wreck your routine and your health. Here's how to injury-proof your sweat sessions.

Fitness Magazine (July/August)—July 8, 2013

Down and Dirty -- and Dangerous
Tough Mudder. Spartan Race. Warrior Dash. Muddy adventure races are the latest way women are testing their physical and mental mettle. Packed with obstacles like barbed wire, frigid waters, and fire, these events bring major bragging rights and serious risks.

"They are extreme obstacle courses that you need to specifically train for, even if you're already athletic," says Sabrina Strickland, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City who has treated injuries in female adventure racers. In April a 28-year-old man died during a Tough Mudder in West Virginia; three deaths and injuries resulting in paralysis have occurred at events by other organizers. No wonder most of these races have so-called death waivers that you need to sign to participate.

Still want to do one? "Don't be afraid to skip an obstacle or drop out of a race entirely if you don't feel safe," Dr. Strickland says.


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