Infrared Heat: The New Non-Workout Workout

The Fashion Spot—October 24, 2016

Reporter Sharon Feiereisen writes on the current trend of using infrared heat as a workout. No-workout workouts, also including cryotherapy and EMS training, claim to burn calories and bust fat with minimal efforts.

She speaks with Cara Ann Senicola, PT at Hospital for Special Surgery and certified yoga teacher, to find out more.

"Experts argue whether or not sweating is truly a detoxifier. Sweat is made up of mostly water with urea, salt and some other proteins. The kidneys are what traditionally detoxifies the blood and clears toxins from the body." Senicola notes that while detox via heat may need more research, there are undeniable benefits of a post-workout infrared sauna session. 

"In a study using infrared devices, there was a decrease in exercise-induced muscle damage after running a simulated trail race, meaning that these saunas may be beneficial for delayed onset muscle soreness. I believe it would be worth a try after a workout," she added.

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