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Catherine H. MacLean, MD, PhD: HSS' First-ever Chief Value Medical Officer

Orthopedics This Week—August 17, 2015

Orthopedics This Week features HSS’ first-ever Chief Value Medical Officer, Catherine MacLean, MD, PhD, in their 'People In The News' section.

Asked what initiatives she would like to put in place in order to increase external quality transparency, Dr. MacLean said, "Transparency should extend, in its next phase, beyond the current public measures to measuring the outcomes that matter most to patients and communicating these in a way that patients can understand for decision-making. I would like to see the collection and reporting of these measures incorporated into clinical practice and reported to each of our patients, the same way we would share lab results, so that our patients know how well we did for them in terms of achieving those outcomes."

To read the full story, please visit Ryortho.com.


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