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HSS Debuts Patient Story Forum

Orthopedics This Week—February 10, 2015

Want details about what patients have experienced at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)? Now there is a central location for such personal stories. HSS has made hundreds of patient-submitted stories available on a new patient forum, one that is searchable by type of care, physician, and patients’ hometown. Because patients come to HSS from 105 countries and all 50 states, the stories cover a wide range of afflictions, aspirations, and outcomes. At its launch, the site has 400 stories. But, says HSS, that number is expected to rise quickly as it becomes known to the nearly 30,000 patients served by the hospital annually.

“This new forum connects our patients’ desire to share their experiences with the desire of those considering similar care to hear from people they can relate to - beyond the handful of testimonials that every physician touts,” said HSS Chief Marketing Officer John Englehart in the February 5, 2015 news release. “It demonstrates that while many associate HSS with maintaining the performance of top professional athletes, that same quality of care is helping essentially anyone to get back to doing whatever they need and want to do.”

If someone finds a particularly helpful story, they can share them with friends and family on social media, either directly from the site or by using the hashtag #BackintheGame.

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