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Hospital for Special Surgery Taps Accelarad for Medical Image Sharing

Accelarad's medical imaging solution to improve referral process and patient access to information for nation’s top orthopedics hospital

Accelarad—March 5, 2013

Accelarad’s medical imaging solution to improve referral process and patient access to information for nation’s top orthopedics hospital

Accelarad, a leading provider of secure, cloud-based medical imaging solutions, and creators of SeeMyRadiology.com, announced today that Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) has selected Accelarad’s medical imaging solution to improve medical image sharing and care coordination with referring physicians anywhere in the world. Additionally, the New York City-based hospital, which U.S. News & World Report  ranked #1 in the United States for orthopedics, will roll out the offering to patients, streamlining the medical image exchange process for those transferring to the hospital from other facilities.

Accelarad’s medical imaging solution, which can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device, will help the hospital simplify medical image sharing for patients and providers.

“We have unique workflow needs since our patient population comes to HSS from across the country and the world for specialized orthopedic care and radiology consultations,” said Richard Fleury, executive director with the Department of Radiology and Imaging at HSS. “Accelarad will integrate nicely into our existing clinical processes to make medical image sharing easier for our patients and referring physicians. For example, a Los Angeles-based patient requiring a hip replacement or revision can upload and share images with his or her HSS hip specialist, who will be then be able to easily analyze the image—all well before the patient even arrives in New York.”

With Accelarad, HSS providers can securely and more easily request, view and share medical images and documents with other healthcare organizations—before and after a patient’s visit. Accelarad will also enable HSS providers to collaborate with patients’ primary care providers to ensure patients receive the recommended follow-up treatment following a stay at HSS. Faster medical image sharing will give all providers involved in an HSS patient’s care access to the most up-to-date patient information and will result in more informed care decisions and improved outcomes.

“Healthcare organizations specializing in orthopedics, like HSS, receive an extremely high volume of medical images and examinations every day,” said Willie Tillery, CEO at Accelarad. “By moving their medical image exchange processes to our secure, cloud-based network, HSS will eliminate the process of managing medical images on CDs and film, which, in turn, will help the hospital streamline administrative processes and prevent providers from ordering duplicate tests as a result of damaged or lost images.”


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