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How Moving Can Help You Recover From Surgery

Good Morning America—October 4, 2016

Good Morning America discusses the importance of being active shortly after surgery and how that aids the recovery process in light of Lara Spencer's recent hip replacement. They speak to Sharlynn Tuohy, PT, senior director of Acute Care Rehabilitation at HSS.

"What we've come to learn is that patients don't do as well when they're on bedrest," said Sharlynn.

Mobility is necessary for recovery. "It improves your cardiopulmonary system, your musculoskeletal system function and it addresses your immune system, so things like blood clots, pneumonia, or atrophy of your muscles are all targeted with mobility as an intervention" added Sharlynn.

GMA also interviews patient Marni Halasa, professional ice skater, who also underwent a hip replacement in her 40s and was moving three hours after surgery. 

To watch the full segment, please visit GMA.Yahoo.com.


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