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What to Do When a Headache Strikes in the Middle of a Workout

Health—October 30, 2017

Health featured HSS neurologist Erin E. Manning, MD in an article about how to handle a headache when it appears during exercise.

Dr. Manning said that "exercising in hot, humid conditions or at high altitudes when your body isn’t acclimated yet" could cause a headache. She recommended to stay well-hydrated, eat regularly and get enough sleep.

To treat a headache, Dr. Manning advised taking over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen.

"Sometimes people actually need medication that they take either right before strenuous exercise or regular medication that they take on a daily basis to help prevent these from happening," said Dr. Manning.

If the headaches are frequent, Dr. Manning said it would be good time to see a doctor. "You can start with your primary care doctor, or see if you can find a neurologist, headache specialist, or someone who specializes in sports neurology," she said.

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