A Novel Arthroscopic Technique for ACL Preservation

Medscape—March 4, 2016

Gregory S. DiFelice, MD, an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, discusses his new ACL technique and provides historical context for its use to Medscape.

"Expanding on [previous] work allowed me to develop a new, minimally morbid arthroscopic suture anchor technique to reattach the ACL when it is proximally detached," said Dr. DiFelice. "Such patients are potentially the low-hanging fruit of the ACL-injured cohort because stability to the knee could be restored without undergoing a full reconstruction. With the application of this technique in appropriately indicated patients, we could potentially restore knee stability while avoiding the significantly more morbid reconstructive procedures. My team recently reported on the outcomes of my initial cohort of 11 patients using this technique."

The article notes that, "In 10 of 11 patients, clinical outcomes were excellent."

Read the full article at Medscape.com.


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