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New report highlights potential health risks of Spin classes

Good Morning America—July 19, 2017

ABC’s Good Morning America featured HSS sports medicine surgeon Sabrina M. Strickland, MD in a segment about the potential dangers of spinning and how it could cause rhabdomyolysis, a condition where the muscle breaks down after extreme exercise.

Dr. Strickland explained the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis which can range from nausea and muscle pain to dark urine from toxins.

If it’s your first time spinning, Dr. Strickland advised to take it easy and build up momentum over time. "When you start any new exercise, whether it’s running or spinning, you have to go easy on yourself in the beginning. When that instructor is saying go hard, that’s not for your first or second class. That’s for your third week or fourth week when you’re doing it two or three times a week."

Dr. Strickland added that if you’re standing on a spin bike and having trouble holding balance, that is a sign of pushing yourself too hard. 

Watch the full segment at abcnews.go.com. This segment aired live during the July 19, 2017 morning broadcast.


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