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5 High-Intensity Workouts Guaranteed to get your Heart Pumping

SheKnows—January 5, 2015

High-intensity interval workouts, or HIIT, are all the rage these days. But what are they, exactly? Well, let us explain...

HIIT is a training method that alternates low- to moderate-intensity intervals with high-intensity intervals. The workouts consist of short, but intense, bursts of exercise with less intense exercise in between. The idea can be applied to most exercises, such as running or even squatting.

Dr. Stephen Fealy, an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, told ABC News that he started seeing a spike in HIIT-related injuries over the recent years, mostly involving muscle sprains and tendon strains — particularly of the calf, chest and shoulder — which is a result of overusing explosive movements and heavy weights.

"I think these programs are quite good," Dr. Fealy said. "But if someone goes from couch to full throttle without any preparation, there's a good chance they're going to get hurt." Moral of the story? If you're just starting out, high-intensity programs might not be right for you just yet. But, if you're already a workout warrior and looking to up your game, perhaps HIIT is just what you need.

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