Urban Running Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Run

Shine from Yahoo!—October 24, 2011

City running could be classified as a sport of its own. No matter what time of day, weather, or season you're bound to run into another fellow trotter during your route. Here, we got essential tips from Jennifer Solomon, MD, a physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City to stay safe while getting the most out of your urban workout.

Tip #1: Run on grass or dirt trails in the city's parks whenever possible. These surfaces put the least strain on your joints. But stay clear of uneven terrain. Rocks, holes, tree roots, and other obstacles increase the risk of falls and ankle sprains.

Tip #2: Don't stop. To keep your heart rate up, try not to pause at red lights. Instead, turn the corner and head back down the block.

Tip #3: Jog against traffic so you can see the cars headed toward you. Make sure to wear reflective gear after the sun goes down.

Tip #4: Avoid highly congested streets. You'll breathe in too much car exhaust. When possible, run first thing in the morning or after evening rush hour when the air is clear and the traffic is less heavy.

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