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A Player Concussed, and a Policy Questioned

The New York Times—November 23, 2015

The New York Times reports on the recent concussion sustained by St. Louis Rams quarterback Case Keenum, and how it has raised questions about the NFL’s new concussion policy.

One of the new league efforts is to allow a medical spotter on-field to call a timeout if a potential injury is missed by on-field staff members. After Keenum sustained a head injury in Sunday’s game, he stayed in the game and wasn’t tested for a concussion until the game was completed.

“It was definitely suspicious the way he didn’t look right afterward,” said Dr. Erin Manning, a neurologist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, who watched the game on television. “It was definitely surprising that they didn’t take him out for at least one play for a brief evaluation.”

Read the full article at nytimes.com.


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