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Orthopedic community debates structure, function of anterolateral knee ligament

Orthopedics Today—March 15, 2017

Orthopedics Today reports on the anterolateral ligament (ALL) and the debate within the orthopedic community on existence of the ligament, its function and best treatment methods.

"I have never, in all of my years of practice, [seen] an isolated anterolateral ligament injury," said Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery. 

According to Dr. Wickiewicz, there may be no reason to repair the ALL after injury.

"You cannot put a stout ligament off the center of rotation close to the joint without greatly affecting the normal motion of that joint," Dr. Wickiewicz said. "So, the ALL tissue is like a bungee cord on purpose. It allows the rotations to take place. You put different tissue there and constrain it, that does not make sense to me."

Read the full story at Healio.com. This story also appeared in the March 2017 print issue.


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