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Back Pain? Heal Thyself Says Vijay Vad

Yoga City NYC—April 12, 2017

Yoga City NYC interviewed HSS physiatrist Vijay B. Vad, MD on self-remedy healing techniques for back pain as an alternative to surgery.

To relieve back pain, Dr. Vad suggested yoga as "a mind-body therapy for a mind-body issue like back pain. Back pain and depression frequently present simultaneously, and yoga has positive impact on both."

Along with yoga, Dr. Vad said diet is helpful in alleviating back pain. "An anti-inflammatory diet is recommended for pain: berries, olive oil, and fish. Minimize processed sugar and fatty meats that can increase inflammation."

Lastly, when faced with chronic back pain, a "positive attitude" has better outcomes with lowering stress levels.

Read the full interview at YogaCityNYC.com



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