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HSS Surgeon Helps Keep Ankles Fracture-free This Fall

Greenwich Daily Voice—September 20, 2016

In a recent publication of the Greenwich Daily Voice, David S. Levine, MD, a foot and ankle surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, answers questions about ankle fractures.

A question includes: "I am an active woman in her 20s recently diagnosed with a stress fracture in my ankle from breaking in new high-heel shoes. I thought stress fractures only occurred in people with bone density issues. Are there other causes?"

Dr. Levine explains, "Stress fractures occur when bones are subjected to moderate forces that occur either too frequently or for too long. Think of a young gymnast performing too many practice vaults developing a shin stress fracture or a runner increasing the length of their marathon training runs. Alternatively, there may be an abnormality of bone quantity (osteoporosis) or bone quality (osteomalacia)."

To read the full article, visit Greenwich.DailyVoice.com.


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