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Barring Complications, Kerry Injury Unlikely to Impact Iran Talks

Reuters—June 1, 2015

Arshad Mohammed and Lesly Wroughton from Reuters report that US Secretary of State John Kerry, 71, broke his leg while cycling in France on Sunday, and is being flown back to Boston for further treatment. It was reported that Kerry's recovery would not impact the negotiations currently taking place with Iran in Geneva. 

Hospital for Special Surgery's David L. Helfet, MD, chief of orthopedic trauma service, said that Kerry appeared to have a "peri-prosthetic" fracture, meaning a break in the same limb as an artificial replacement hip.

If the hip is loose, it would have to be fixed and the recovery might take longer, said Dr. Helfet.

The physician said blood clots are a concern after such an operation and that most doctors would not advise flying long distance for three to six weeks afterwards.


This story originally appeared at reuters.com


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