60 Feet 6 Inches From Disaster

The New York Times—May 8, 2013

In this New York Times article Teena Shetty, M.D., comments on the need for baseball pitchers to protect themselves against concussions.

Dr. Teena Shetty, a neurologist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, said pitchers ideally should want more protection because of the inherent dangers of their job.

“Pitchers are probably underprotected, because they’re in a position where they’re very vulnerable and they often are the ones who sustain the concussions,” said Shetty, who works with the Mets and the Giants of the N.F.L. “Not too much attention has been paid to equipping them with protective gear, but I think it’s very reasonable to think about going forward.”

Read the full story at nytimes.com.


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