Antibody Signals Adverse Pregnancy Outcome

MedPage Today—January 22, 2016

Diana Swift, a reporter for MedPage Today, shares results published in Lupus Science & Magazine from Hospital for Special Surgery's PROMISSE (Predictors of pRegnancy Outcome: bioMarkers In antiphospholipid antibody Syndrome and Systemic lupus Erythematosus) study. This study indicates that researchers can now identify if women who may be at risk for an adverse pregnancy associated with lupus.

"We can now identify aPL-positive women in the first weeks of pregnancy (or before they become pregnant) who are at extremely high risk of severe adverse pregnancy outcome, and these women can be enrolled in interventional trials with agents that specifically target key inflammatory pathways that damage the maternal-fetal unit and lead to adverse outcomes," said Jane E. Salmon, MD, a rheumatologist at Hospital for Special Surgery and lead researcher for this study.

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