Ditch the Seat: How to Keep Moving at Work

Darien Daily Voice—April 12, 2016

In a recent article published by Darien Daily Voice, Alice Chen, MD, a physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains the health risks of being sedentary at work.

According to Dr. Chen, "I recommend getting out of the sitting position once an hour, even if it is only for a two-minute stretch or walk. Deliver the memo by hand to your colleague. Get your own coffee or water. Take a real lunch break, don't just eat at your desk."

The article also suggests that, "Prolonged periods of inactivity, such as sitting, cause muscular atrophy -- or shrinking muscles -- a predilection toward obesity, insulin resistance, and increases in cardiovascular risks."

To read more, visit Darien.DailyVoice.com.


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