Eager to get fit? See Your Doctor Before Starting to Exercise Says HSS

Stamford Daily Voice—June 21, 2016

In a recent article published in the Stamford Daily Voice, Alice Chen, MD, a physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery, answers questions about what patients need to know about getting in shape.

For example, Dr. Chen answers the following question: "Is diet or exercise more important for well-being?"

Dr. Chen responds with, "For health maintenance, both diet and exercise are essential. Diet supplies the body with the building blocks for the maintenance of good health. Exercise takes the "raw goods" of good nutrition and builds it into healthy tissue, whether it's the heart, muscle or mind. Exercise builds muscle mass, which helps regulate the body's metabolism, and improves circulation and oxygenation."

To read more of the Q&A, visit Stamford.DailyVoice.com.


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