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Here's How to Position Your Hands When You Use a Computer so They Don't Hurt

Business Insider—March 16, 2016

Business Insider shares images from Aaron Daluiski, MD, a hand and upper extremity surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, on how to correctly use a keyboard and mouse. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, bad form could make your symptoms feel worse.

Read the full article at BusinessInsider.com.

Correct Hand Placements When Using a Keyboard & Mouse
Photos provided by Dr. Daluiski

Correct vs. Incorrect hand placement on keyboard. Correct - wrists straight, middle fingers line up with w key (left hand) and o key (right hand)









Incorrect vs. Correct wrist alignment - Correct: wrists are in alignment with lower arms; incorrect - wrists are pushed down or flared up, not inline with lower arm









Incorrect vs. Correct wrist alignment with mouse - wrists are in inline with lower arm, not flared up or pushed down


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