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5 Signs Your Workout Is Bad For You

Prevention.com—May 6, 2016

Prevention.com explores the difference between typical soreness after exercise and when pain can signal a problem, such as an overuse injury.

Reporter Sharon Liao speaks to Moira M. McCarthy, MD, about how to tell the difference.

An intense, sudden, sharp or radiating pain that appears quickly can indicate something's wrong. "Don't try to push through the movement," said Dr. McCarthy. "That can lead to a muscle or joint injury."

Redness, swelling or persistent pain could suggest an overuse issue such as runner's knee or shin splints. According to Dr. McCarthy, you may need to spend more time warming up and stretching before pounding the pavement. But if it continues to hurt with each run, you may need to see a physical therapist who can help you correct your form and strengthen any areas that may leave you susceptible to injuries.

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