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2017 - 2018: The Power of One | 2016 Annual Report

HSS is transforming the field of musculoskeletal health, reaching every corner of the world. We are advancing science, improving the quality of care, and delivering better value in more than 120 countries. As the internationally recognized leader in musculoskeletal health, HSS has a responsibility to meet the growing demand for value-based care, so we are transcending boundaries to project our high-value care across the globe. See our latest report below:

Past Editions:

horizon 2016 cover - leading the way Summer 2016: HSS is... | 2015 Annual Report

HSS is...a one of a kind organization dedicated to musculoskeletal health, with a culture that reflects the passion and commitment of all members of the HSS family. At its core, it is the world’s largest academic medical center dedicated to orthopedics, rheumatology and related specialties with a unique patient-centered care delivery model. Read more in Horizon Summer 2016.


horizon 2015 cover - leading the way Summer 2015: Leading the Way | 2014 Annual Report

Mobility and physical function are essential components of a person’s identity. When age or injury slows us down, where should a person go to get care and attention that will repair their body? A rapidly changing healthcare landscape may leave patients concerned they won’t receive the compassion, excellence in treatment, and value that we all deserve. Read more in Horizon Spring 2015.


horizon spring 2014 cover Spring 2014: Where the World Comes to Get Back in the Game | 2013 Annual Report

Good news travels fast – especially in this era of instant communications – and Hospital for Special Surgery’s reputation for excellence has reached the far corners of the world. Individuals from more than 100 countries travel to the Hospital confident that they have selected an institution that is at the forefront of its specialties. Read more in Horizon Summer 2014.


horizon spring 2014 cover Spring 2013: I Chose HSS

When Natalie Morales injured her thumb skiing, her first stop was HSS. “For somebody like me who is an athlete, but also has a strenuous job, it’s important for me to be at my physical peak. That’s why I chose HSS...many of my colleagues have had breaks and sprains. HSS is the go-to place for us because the quality of their care is the best in the world.” Read more in Horizon Spring 2013.


horizon summer 2012 cover Summer 2012: HSS is the Destination for Care

From Fairbanks to Palm Beach, Hong Kong to Rio, and virtually all points in between, patients with musculoskeletal conditions are traveling across the country and around the world seeking treatment at HSS. Many have challenging conditions unable to be addressed in their hometowns or major disorders so complicated that they require the particular medical and surgical skills and collaboration across specialties that only HSS can offer. Read more in Horizon Summer 2012.


horizon winter 2012 cover Winter 2012: Spine Care Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery

The spine. This graceful, yet sturdy, structure is the central axis of our bodies – allowing us to stand tall and bend freely. When all of its vertebrae and accompanying network of muscles, bones, cartilage, and nerves are intact and working together, the spine is a remarkable example of mechanics in motion. However, if any one of these components is damaged or diseased, the spine can be the source of intense pain and chronic disability. Read more in Horizon Winter 2012.


horizon spring 2011 cover Spring 2011: Caring for the Working Artist

They inspire us with their art. They astound us with their talents. At times, they seem superhuman such is their creative genius or the magnitude of their performance. But actors, rtists, sculptors, musicians, and dancers are as human as the rest of us. Their bones break, their muscles fail, and their joints creak and give them pain. Read more in Horizon Spring 2011.


horizon fall 2010 cover Fall 2010: Step by Step: Innovations in Knee Surgery

Pain relief. Taking long walks. Getting back to the gym. Resuming my golf game. Chasing after my grandchildren. These are among the typical responses of patients who suffer with chronic pain in their knee when asked what they hope to achieve with surgery. Doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery have devoted their careers to helping such patients realize a new lease on life. Read more in Horizon Fall 2010.


horizon spring 2010 cover Spring 2010: Caring for Patients with Osteoarthritis

How often have you heard friends or relatives say, “oh, it’s just a little arthritis,” when referring to a knee that’s painful or if they are having trouble getting up from a chair. Their underlying message is that it’s not a big deal, it’s a natural progression of aging, and there’s nothing they can do about it anyway. But, in fact, there are things that one can do that may slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Read more in Horizon Spring 2010.


horizon fall 2009 cover Fall 2009: HSS Pediatrics: Keeping Kids in the Swing of Things

Eight years ago, when she was just two years old, Gabrielle Ayoub developed juvenile arthritis. Last September, Hernan Munoz-Kenny was driving to football practice when he was struck by a drunk driver traveling 70 mph. Hernan was injured from head-to-toe, and his left leg was shattered. Both are patients at HSS, where each year more than 17,000 visits are made to pediatric orthopedic and rheumatic disease specialists. Read more in Horizon Fall 2009.


horizon spring 2009 cover Spring 2009: Success in Sports – and Sports Medicine / 2008 Annual Report

The Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service works with teams and individuals in virtually every sport – from baseball to basketball, football to soccer, swimming to tennis, golf, rowing, and cricket. Team physicians from HSS have been present at Super Bowl championships and Olympic victories. Read more in  Horizon Spring 2009.


Winter 2009: The Hand: Incredible Form, Extraordinary Function Winter 2009: The Hand: Incredible Form, Extraordinary Function

The human hand is nothing short of incredible. It allows us to work, to touch, to tie a tie, or to catch a ball. Our hands help us to communicate and to express our emotions. From morning ‘til night, they are ever moving, and when something goes awry in their intricate anatomy, their importance to our lives is never more apparent. Read more in Horizon Winter 2009. Horizon Extra: Total Care of the Hand, Wrist, and Elbow


Spring 2008: Restoring Lives: Extraordinary Care for Complex Cases Spring 2008: Restoring Lives: Extraordinary Care for Complex Cases

Early on the morning of Tuesday, March 25, 2008, a crucial discussion is underway in a conference room on the eighth floor of Hospital for Special Surgery. Around the table, anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, nurses, physical therapists, risk managers, and other medical specialists have gathered to review a panel of particularly hallenging and complex patient cases. Read more in Horizon Spring 2008. Horizon Extra: Complex Cases, Exceptional Care


Winter 2008: Comprehensive Care of the Hip: Ensuring a Lifetime of Mobility Winter 2008: Comprehensive Care of the Hip: Ensuring a Lifetime of Mobility


The evolution of treatment for hip disorders at Hospital for Special Surgery began to gain momentum in the 1960s, and in the four decades following, our physicians, biomedical engineers, and researchers have been leading the way in the development of treatment approaches that address virtually every type of hip pain, injury, and disorder. Read more in Horizon Winter 2008.


ring 2007: Transforming Patient Care Through Science and Technology Spring 2007: Transforming Patient Care Through Science and Technology

Armed with the latest technologies and clinical advances, the physicians, scientists, and health professionals at Hospital for Special Surgery confront the challenges of musculoskeletal conditions today, while pursuing pivotal research that will bring the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Read more in Horizon Spring 2007. Horizon Extra: Lengthening Limbs One Millimeter at a Time


Winter 2007: Focus on the Foot and Ankle Winter 2007: Focus on the Foot and Ankle

At the turn of the 20th Century, Royal Whitman, MD, a surgeon with the New York Society for the Ruptured and Crippled – the precursor to HSS – made international history with his surgical procedure for stabilizing flail-like ankle joints that often resulted from infantile paralysis. Dr. Whitman’s work established the Hospital’s worldwide reputation in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders and launched a legacy of innovation. Read more in Horizon Winter 2007.


Spring 2006: The Ties that Bind: HSS Health Professionals Team Up for Patient Care Spring 2006: The Ties that Bind: HSS Health Professionals Team Up for Patient Care

Respectful…supportive…united…a family. These are the words heard time and again when Hospital for Special Surgery staff describe their colleagues and the institution they call their second home. “In terms of the people who work here, it really is about family,” says Thomas P. Sculco, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, who joined HSS as a resident more than 30 years ago. Read more in Horizon Spring 2006.


Winter 2006: Focus on Total Care of the Spine

From the tip of your neck to the base of your back, a complex configuration of 33 bones, interspersed with cartilage and surrounded by a network of nerves and soft tissue, are providing
you with stability, balance, and the ability to stand erect. This elegant structure withstands phenomenal stress and yet gives us the flexibility to reach for the stars or pick up a dime. Read more in Horizon Winter 2006.

Spring 2005-A Lifetime of Mobility Spring 2005: A Lifetime of Mobility

From the moment of birth, each person embarks on a lifetime journey of growth and change. The ability to maintain mobility and independence is integral to the enjoyment of each phase of that journey – from infancy, through childhood, middle age, and the later years. Every day, the skilled physicians and health care professionals of HSS pursue a singular mission: to restore quality of life to all who seek our care for musculoskeletal problems. Read more in Horizon Spring 2005.


Winter 2005-Breakthroughs in Orthopedic Treatment: Minimally Invasive Surgery Winter 2005: Breakthroughs in Orthopedic Treatment: Minimally Invasive Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons at Hospital for Special Surgery are known for their ingenuity and innovations to ever improve treatments for their patients. In the last several decades, they have  helped transform surgical care for disabling arthritis, career-threatening sports injuries, and countless other musculoskeletal problems. In recent years, the pacesetting work of HSS has involved the development of less invasive methods to perform orthopedic procedures. Read more in Horizon Winter 2005.