Improve Your Game

Watch videos of effective exercises to prevent injury and improve performance.

Core Exercises

Perform these exercises at home to improve your game and prevent injury by building strength, flexibility and core stability. Perform 5 to 10 repetitions of each exercise using slow, controlled movements.

  • Floor Slide

    Improves core rotational strength and stability

    Floor Slide
  • Kneeling Chop

    Increases upper body flexibility and core stability

    Kneeling Chop
  • Cat-Cow

    Improves power and stability throughout the golf swing by increasing low back and pelvic mobility and control

  • Quadruped Twist

    Helps shoulder rotation by increasing strength and mobility of the upper body

    Quadruped twist
  • Bird Dog

    Improves core rotational stability and upper and lower body mobility

    Bird Dog
  • Side Bridge and Side Plank

    Improve lateral core strength to prevent side bending during backswing and follow through

    Side bridge and side plank
  • Front Plank

    Improves core stability and muscular endurance

    Front Plank