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Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention in the HSS Setting

A Fall Speaker Program sponsored by the HSS Department of Social Work Programs, Staff Development Committee

As the 10th leading cause of death for adults in the United States, suicide is a major public health concern. With the implementation of a suicide prevention policy at HSS, the goal of this presentation was to enhance HSS social workers’ suicide risk assessment and intervention skills.

In this workshop, Mavis Seehaus and Joan Westreich presented best practices and current thinking on how to best identify and support patients who are at risk for suicide.

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*Note: This presentation was recorded October 21, 2019. All statistics cited in the slide show are original to that recording.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the scope of issue.
  • Learn about HSS policy for suicide prevention.
  • Practice risk identification, assessment and interventions through role plays.
  • Identify factors associated with risk for suicide.
  • Become familiar with evidence-based assessments and interventions to utilize with patients at risk for suicide.


Headshot of Mavis Seehaus, MS, LCSW

Mavis Seehaus MS, LCSW
Director of Ambulatory Care Social Work Services
Department of Social Work Programs at Hospital for Special Surgery

Mavis Seehaus is the Director of Ambulatory Care Social Work Services and also functions as the Coordinator of the HSS Child and Adult Protection Committee. Prior to coming to HSS in 2005, Mavis’s previous social work experience was in mental health.

Headshot of Joan Westreich, LCSW

Joan Westreich, LCSW
Social Work Coordinator of the Early Arthritis Initiative at HSS
Department of Social Work Programs at Hospital for Special Surgery

Joan Westreich's work with patients with rheumatic disease builds on two decades as a psychotherapist and consultant working with a diverse population of individuals, couples, groups and organizations.

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