Patient Case History: Christina

Femur lengthening with the PRECICE Internal Lengthening Nail


Physician: S. Robert Rozbruch, MD
Christina fractured the lower part of her femur at age 10. This resulted in a growth plate injury that led to valgus deformity and shortening. Initial treatment consisted of guided growth to help straighten the leg. At age 13, the leg was straight but had a 1.5 inch discrepancy.


At age 13, when she was skeletally mature, she underwent femur lengthening with a fully implantable intrenal lengthening nail. A external magnet control is used to gradually lengthen the leg one mm per day. After just 35 days, the leg lengths were equal and the new bone was naturally getting stronger.


Two months later and 3 months after the lengthening surgery, Christina was fully healed and she could return to normal activities as tolerated.

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