Patient Case History: Jacob

Massive 20cm (8in) lengthening including femur lengthening over a nail (LON)

Age 8

Patient Surgeon: S. Robert Rozbruch
Jacob had a severe growth arrest of his right lower extremity. He was lengthened a total of 20 cm (8 inches) in 3 stages to correct a massive leg length discrepancy. The first treatment was a femur lengthening of 5 cm at age 8.

Age 11

As a result of the growth arrest, addition shortening developed. At age 11, he underwent a 7 cm tibia lengthening.

Age 14

From the growth arrest, he developed additional discrepancy. At age 14 he underwent a final femur lengthening of 8 cm using the lengthening over a nail (LON) technique. Total time in external fixation was only 3 months.

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