Pediatrics at HSS

Pediatric Perioperative Medicine

Pediatric Perioperative Medicine

Pediatricians are physicians who specialize in the medical care of children.  At HSS, our team of pediatricians play an integral role in the care of pediatric patients undergoing surgery at HSS.  Working side-by-side with our pediatric orthopedic surgeons, our pediatricians are involved in optimizing your child's health before and after surgery through pre-operative medical clearance, patient and family education, and post-operative care.

Video Guide to Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

The HSS Family Guide provides information about what pediatric patients undergoing surgery and their families can expect.
Guide to Pediatric
External Fixators
Guide to Pediatric
Scoliosis Surgery


Guide to Varus Rotational Osteotomy (VRO), Hamstring Lengthening, Tendo Achilles Lengthening (TAL), Gastrocnemius Recession

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