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Letter From Your Alumni Directors

The Concept of a Century

The concept of a century invites contemplation, as it is a period longer than most of us will live, and, as such, it defines something lasting and immutable despite the monumental changes that have occurred during this time in the way we practice orthopaedic surgery. As we prepare for the Alumni Association 100th Annual Meeting, it becomes clear that each of us has played a role in maintaining this institution. Our Alumni Association’s fundamental mission is focused on one thing: our continued engagement. The Alumni Association is dedicated to continued engagement so we can learn from each other, as we represent a true orthopaedic fellowship of men and women who spend our lives advancing musculoskeletal treatments in order to make people better. Many of us learned together while at HSS as residents or fellows, and our Alumni Association is dedicated to facilitating ongoing learning, together. To that end, the three of us extend a personal invitation for you to come and celebrate the 100-year milestone of the annual meeting in New York October 25 - 27, 2018, and engage the past, present, and future of HSS and your orthopaedic career while you reconnect with classmates, peers, and mentors. We hope you will take the time to be a part of this wonderful moment to celebrate the institution and alumni of HSS.

Jose A. Rodriguez, MD
Director, Alumni Affairs

Peter K. Sculco, MD, and Samuel A. Taylor, MD
Associate Directors, Alumni Affairs

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