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HSS Honors: Nurses’ Week (Part 6)

Patrick Untalan, nurse

In honor of National Nurses Week, we will be running a blog series where you’ll get to know a few of our nurses who are at the heart of every aspect of patient care at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). In our sixth installment, meet Patrick Untalan. Read our previous installments here.


1. Can you tell us your name, unit, and how many years you’ve worked at HSS?

My name is Patrick Untalan and I’m a clinical nurse located in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit. I’ve been working at HSS for 11 years.


2. What does it mean for you to be a nurse?

Being a nurse is a unique privilege that carries with it immense responsibility. Nurses are entrusted to perform tasks, make educated decisions and advocate for patients. To be a nurse is to personify caring and compassion.


3. What drove you to pursue a career in nursing?

My father was a doctor, so I was exposed to the medical profession. I knew early on that I would embark on a medical career. I was actually on my third year in Dentistry when our circumstances changed. Having been from the Philippines, I shifted to Nursing as it was then the most promising profession that would increase my chances of working abroad. Though my initial reason is a matter of economics, my reason for staying in the profession is, in large part, due to the profound sense of fulfillment that the nursing profession gives. Nursing may not have been my first choice but I know now that it is the best choice. True, Nursing is a stressful profession, but the intangible rewards are beyond compare.


4. Why do you love being a nurse at HSS?

I love being a nurse at HSS because of the recognition and importance that is given to nurses as an integral part of the health care team. We have a reasonable amount of autonomy. There is a wonderful working relationship among doctors, PAs, nurses and ancillary staff. The degree of teamwork among staff and the support given by management is laudable.


5. Can you give us a fun fact about being a nurse?

I ranked 17th in the December 1988 Philippine Nursing Board Examination.

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