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Discovery to Recovery

Latest Edition: Spring 2014

HSS Discovery to Recovery Spring 2014
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Past Editions

Latest Edition: Fall 2013

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Spring 2013 Contents:

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Fall 2012: NIH Funds Research to Identify New Treatment Pathways

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Spring 2012: Elevating Surgical Safety:

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Fall 2011: Helping Children Move

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Spring 2011: Research Excellence Attracts NIH Funding

  • Improving Quality of Life Through Research
  • HSS Senior Scientist Receives $2.5 Million from NIH to Study Osteoarthritis
  • HSS Hosts International Arthritis Summit
  • Endowed Chairs: Supporting World-Class Faculty
  • New Advances in Osteoporosis
  • The Pulse: Happenings Around the Hospital
    • HSS Builds a Running Dialogue
    • Fueling Young Athletes
    • HSS Experts Publish Hand Surgery "Bible"
    • Nursing Honors Success in Science
    • On Top of the World
    • New Hope for Haitian Earthquake Survivor
  • HSS Keeps Athletes in the Game
  • Caspary Research Building Celebrates 50 Years
  • ACR Awards Highest Honor to Three HSS Faculty
  • Advancing Spine Science
  • Running Towards the Future

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Fall 2010: Comparative Effectiveness Research at Special Surgery: Improving Patient Outcomes

  • HSS Is #1 in Orthopedics
  • Advancing Medicine through Research
  • Low Infection Rates at HSS Gain Recognition
  • Lupus Care and Research at HSS: A Partnership
  • The Pulse: Happenings Around the Hospital
    • Helping Young Trauma Patients Avoid Hip Replacement
    • Improving Pitching Performance
    • Team Approach Leads to a Stunning Victory
    • Back on Tour
    • HSS is #1
    • HSS Partners with Public Schools
  • CA Technologies: Investing in Pediatric Rehabilitation at HSS
  • HSS Nursing: Research to Improve Patient Care

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Spring 2010: Osteoarthritis Research at HSS: Understanding a Pervasive Disease

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Fall 2009: HSS Responds to Increase in Demand for Services - Building Begins!

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Spring 2009 (download the pdf)
Improving Outcomes Through Patient Registries: Including a complete list of HSS registries

Summer 2008 (download the pdf)
Younger, More Active Patients Turn to Hospital for Special Surgery: For Baby Boomers, Surgery is No Longer a Last Resort

Fall 2007 (download the pdf)
Special Surgery Launches Building on Success: $100 Million Campaign to Support Hospital Expansion and Clinical Research

  • Building on Success
  • Special Surgery Ranked #1 in Orthopedics by U.S.News and World Report
  • Creating an Environment for Children
  • $1 Million Gift to Fund New ACL Registry
  • The Pulse: Happenings Around the Hospital
    • Case Closed
    • Tennis Anyone?
    • HSS on the Silver Screen
    • Extending Our Expertise
    • A Winning Team
    • Spine Patients Better Off After Surgery
  • Bringing Findings to Fruition
  • Nachman Prize for HSS Scientist
  • International Orthopedic Leaders Gather at Special Surgery
  • NIH Awards Clinician-Scientists $2.5 Million in Grants
  • Dr. Michael D. Lockshin: Focused on Women's Health
  • Lisa Doromal: A Bundle of Joy
  • Discovery to Recovery Extras
Summer 2007 (download the pdf)
HSS Nursing Excellence Recognized with Magnet Award: First hospital in New York to be redesignated

  • A Premier Clinical Environment
  • Understanding Enzymes and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Core Center is One of Only Five in the Nation
  • HSS Partners With Cornell University on Outcomes Study
  • The Pulse: Happenings Around the Hospital
    • New Treatments for Autoimmune Disorders
    • Helping Pitchers Get Back in the Game
    • From Special Surgery to Grey's Anatomy
    • A Mission to the Philippines
    • HSS Hosts Symposium Featuring World Renowned Geneticist
    • Improving Implants for Active Patients
    • Educating Children About Nutrition
  • New Clinical Facilities Open
  • Special Surgery Welcomes Ethics Fellows
  • New Funding Boosts Mary Kirkland Center for Lupus Research
  • New Chair in Biomechanics
  • HSS Radiologist Honored
  • Center Honors Benefactors
  • Dr. Eduardo Salvati: A Career Devoted to Healing
  • Americo Guerriero: Dancing in the Fountain of Youth
  • Discovery to Recovery Extras
Fall 2006 (download the pdf)
Demand for Care Spurs Expansion: New Ambulatory Surgery Center Opens First Phase of Clinical Improvements

  • A Bridge to the Future
  • Renowned Rheumatologist Steven R. Goldring, MD, Appointed Chief Scientific Officer
  • Root Motion Analysis Lab Poised for the Future
  • Harnessing the Power of Bone Healing
  • Rehabilitation Department Publishes Guidelines
  • Foundation Partners to Establish New Scleroderma Research Center
  • Promoting Patient Safety
  • Finding The Strength to Succeed
  • A Pioneer in Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Summer 2006 (download the pdf)
Helping The Body Heal Itself: New Program Advances Research in Tissue Engineering

  • Bench to Bedside
  • Reversing the Need for Revision Surgeries
  • Preventing Clots in Shoulder Patients
  • New Foot and Ankle Center Accelerates Clinical Research
  • Grateful Patients Establish Scoliosis Research Chair
  • HSS Scientist Featured in Book Highlighting Women Engineers
Fall 2005 (download the pdf)
HSS Completes Campaign for Research: Exceeding Goal, Unprecedented Drive Raises Over $114 Million

Spring 2005 (download the pdf)
Understanding Autoimmunity and Atherosclerosis: HSS Findings May Help General Population at Risk of Heart Disease

  • Entering a New Era
  • Using Orthopedic Outcomes Methods to Study Asthma
  • Potential Therapeutic Target for Rheumatic Disease Treatment
  • Gosden Robinson Early Arthritis Center Mounts Concerted Attack on Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • New Laboratory for Connective Tissue Disorders
  • Adele L. Boskey, PhD, Elected to American Association for the Advancement of Science

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