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Less Blood Fusions, Fewer Transfusions in TXA Trauma Patients

Orthopedics This Week—October 12, 2017

Orthopedics This Week reported on a study, recently published in The Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma, that stated that tranexamic acid (TXA) can help reduce blood loss and transfusion in orthopedic trauma patients.

HSS orthopedic resident Elizabeth B. Gausden, MD co-authored the study and explained that there were not many current studies that reviewed the use of TXA in orthopedic trauma patients, and that she wanted to build interest in further research.

"The reduction in blood loss and transfusion in patients treated with TXA is significant, while there appears to be no difference in risk of thromboembolic events with TXA. At this time, we recommend that surgeons and anesthesiologists consider the perioperative administration of TXA for orthopaedic trauma patients without significant pre-injury risk factors for thromboembolic events," said Dr. Gausden.

She added that more studies are needed to properly assess risk of thromboembolic events in patients treated with TXA.

Read the full article at ryortho.com [subscription required].


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