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"Train Like A Knick" program

ESPN New York—March 11, 2013

'TRAIN LIKE A KNICK': Larry Johnson is involved with the team's "Train Like A Knick" program, where fans can submit videos showing how they train like their favorite player for a chance to win a trip to the Knicks' training center. There, the winner gets to work out and go through basketball drills with Johnson, a current Knick, the team's trainers and Hospital for Special Surgery rehabilitation staff.

"We came up with 'Train Like A Knick' for the children to go out and do something every day," Johnson said. "Go out and exercise for an hour, an hour and a half every day at basketball, and have fun, too."

Watching from the sidelines as the Knicks' basketball and business operations representative, he marvels at how most of the older players have stayed in great shape.

"Those guys have really taken care of their bodies over the years," he said. "They'll talk about their dieting and their eating methods. In our case for the Knicks, they've added a little extra about coming up with their diet and really focusing in on what they're putting in their bodies."

Johnson also said that more players in the league are trying to refrain from drinking soda.

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For instructions on submitting a video for the "Train Like A Knick" contest, go to New York Knicks Facebook page.


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