Debunking Fitness Myths: Is Your Workout as Intense as You Think?

Good Morning America—September 29, 2015

Good Morning America visited the Tisch Sports Performance Center at Hospital for Special Surgery to test how many calories you actually burn during a workout as many people tend to overestimate this amount.

"It takes a long time to burn a lot of calories, and a very short time to eat those same amount of calories," said Polly de Mille, Exercise Physiologist at HSS. "You may go for a run and burn 500 calories and you can probably eat that in 30 seconds."

Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo and two additional volunteers participated in three workouts (running on a treadmill, a bike session and the 7-minute workout) while hooked up to our machine to measure calorie release. Watch to see if they correctly guessed how many calories they burned in their workouts.

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