I’m Just Sayin’ Q & A with Danny Picard

South Boston Today—December 4, 2014

This week, Danny talked Bruins with ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald, starting the questions on Zdeno Chara and David Krejci's injuries:

Danny Picard: I'm actually surprised that we're seeing Chara skate right now. Because there was one point in this where we didn't even know and they didn't even know about potential surgery. I thought this would be a Chara injury that we would be looking at that would be longer than everybody expected. But it's certainly not looking like that right now. But with Krejci, I know that, publicly, nobody in that Bruins dressing room is going to come out and give any sort of inside information on an injury. And really in any sport on any team, I don't expect anyone to do that. But do you get any sense, talking to guys, that maybe this is a more concerning injury than anybody is letting it on to be?

Joe Mcdonald: No, I don't think so...the one thing that I learned a couple years ago when I did a story on Tyler Seguin and the hip condition that he had, I talked to numerous doctors and one of the best hip surgeons in the country who has worked on everybody who's had a hip injury in Boston, Dr. Bryan Kelly, and he had said that, when you're dealing with the hip, sometimes you overcompensate, and it turns into a groin injury, and then it turns into a quad injury, or a hamstring injury. It's all connected. So they're probably right when they say that it's not about his hip, but it could be one of those others that he's just trying to get right, so that he doesn't suffer any setbacks.

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