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Pack Common Sense for Outdoor Sports Activities, Training

Huffington Post—December 31, 2017

In a recent article on Huffington Post, HSS sports medicine surgeon Joshua S. Dines, MD, explains how to stay warm and prevent injuries as temperatures drop during the winter months.

Dr. Dines said that exposure to cold weather could trigger pulled muscles or even dangerous frostbite.

He stressed the importance of warming up properly and raising your body temperature before going outside.

For those seeking to exercise during the winter months, Dr. Dines recommended switching to an indoor activity or limiting outdoor training to a shorter distance.

"Not to sound cliche, but discretion is the better part of valor and you have to think about injuring yourself and a week or longer setback with a pulled muscle or worse," said Dr. Dines.

Read the full article at huffingtonpost.com


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