How Big a Danger Are Sean Lee's Concussions?

SB Nation - Blogging the Boys—November 13, 2015

SB Nation’s Blogging the Boys delves into concussions in NFL in light of Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Sean Lee suffering his second concussion in a month. Dr. Erin Manning, neurologist at Hospital for Special Surgery, answers a Q&A on the effects of concussions.

"We suspect that more concussions and head injuries are bad but there is no number that we can give to people of how many is too many. There have been reports of long-term symptoms after a single concussion and there are people who have had multiple concussions and do not have problems later in their life attributable to the concussions," said Dr. Manning. "The decision to continue to play is an individual decision that has been made between the athlete and his or her physicians after weighing the risks and benefits. Every player has a different threshold of risk that they are willing to accept."

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