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Does spinning bulk you up?

ABC News Good Morning America—January 14, 2014

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson recently told Redbook magazine that exercisers who only spin are likely to wind up with bulkier bodies.

"'Spin may burn calories in the short term, but if that's all you're doing, it'll bulk up your thighs," she said.

Some people have interpreted Anderson's statements to mean that spinning makes one fatter. But Anderson clarified that this is not what she meant.

"I've never said that spinning makes you gain weight," she explained. "What I've said is that spinning creates an imbalance in the muscular system. It bulks the thigh and butt muscles. You develop mass by working these same muscles over and over."


Experts agree that legs gets stronger but not bulkier. Kara Federowicz, CPT, an athletic trainer at Hospital for Special Surgery comments on the negative connotations of  using the word bulk.

"Doing one exercise over and over again is not going to bulk you. It's going to help you shape your muscle", Federowicz said. "Using the word bulk, and using the word bigger, and using the word stronger are now looked at as women shouldn't be that way."

This story originally appeared at gma.yahoo.com.


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